Redefining Post Production

With ever-changing technology, programming and advertising are reaching audience members across a multitude of platforms. Laser Video has the ability to conform to all specifications required for Movie Theaters (DCP), Digital Billboards (Times Square), conventional TV and Internet, and the ever-popular Phones and Tablets. Let your content be accessible on a wide array of options to bring your product to your target audience.

Breathe new life into your brand

Utilizing a video that was created by you or Laser Video, it now has to reach your customers in physical form to coincide with your marketing materials. With an endless amount of combinations and packaging options, rest assured we can create a custom experience for your training, commercial, or sales video. Having that unique experience to reach your target audience will help your product stand apart from the competition. With the simplest package to save on cost all the way to the most complex product, Laser Video will help you stay under budget and on time, every time.

Tell Your Story The Right Way

In today’s digital world, programs and commercials are playing from multiple devices across various platforms. Our customers are trying to reach a vast audience and bring their product directly to them. Whether it’s a :06 commercial on a phone, a compilation reel to highlight your products at trade shows, an ad playing at a movie theater or a digital billboard in Times Square, or a full-length program airing anywhere in the world, Laser Video is the edit house that is fully capable to handle all your requests.

Video Editing
Color Correction
Captioning and Subtitling