Editing TV, Radio, and Multimedia

Commercials, Product Sizzle Reels, and Programs from :06 all the way up to 5 hour Pay-Per-View Shows. 

In today’s digital world, programs and commercials are playing from multiple devices across various platforms. Our customers are trying to reach a vast audience and bring their product directly to them. Whether it’s a :06 commercial on a phone, a compilation reel to highlight your products at trade shows, an ad playing at a movie theater or a digital billboard in Times Square, or a full-length program airing anywhere in the world, Laser Video is the edit house that is fully capable to handle all your requests.

Nielsen Sigma™ Encoding

A major part of advertising is getting the information to your desired target audience. Every demographic is unique and no two markets are the same. Being able to track when, where, and how often your program is airing is necessary to compile the essential feedback to ensure you are reaching your desired viewership. Encoding allows you to manage your Direct Response Profitability across all consumer markets worldwide. 

Live Event Filming and Streaming

With ever-changing technology, the world grows smaller. People can access information and experiences from remote locations that they could not before. If you have a conference, a graduation, a product launch or anything in between, now you can film the event and give remote access to any viewer in the world. Our camera, audio, and streaming equipment can bring the highest quality experience to any user, whether it is intended to be seen live or edited for later viewing.

End Tagging

One of Laser Video’s many services utilized by its customers is the streamlined, customizable process of taking your generic base spot and creating individual spots that each has their own unique audio and video end tag. Whether it is local, state, or national, this allows you to reach the specific markets in order to promote your product or organization on a personalized basis. With professional mixing and transitions, your customized spot can be delivered to your audience with confidence.

Closed Captioning, Subtitling, Transcription

With Roll-up and Pop-on CEA-608/CEA-708 compliant closed captioning, our Professional Closed Captioning and Subtitling are positioned to avoid covering important text or graphics, assuring your captions add to the quality of the programming we bring to your audience. Delivering accurate, fast, and reliable captions in all major languages for all media platforms is attained on a daily basis. Whether it is for programming in the United States or abroad, our experienced team has delivered our work into 180 countries and counting. Customer-supplied scripts or transcription done by us; both will go through a rigorous quality control process so you can rest assured they are accurate and FCC compliant.

Color Correction

With careful eyes and a talent for making whites, blacks, and everything in between nice and balanced, Laser Video perfectly marries this old art form with modern day professional editing tools to achieve stunning visual results. Making shots seamless, balanced, and consistent are paramount to achieving the look you intended.

Audio Mixing & Enhancing

Producing a professional product that you can be proud of comes from combining trained ears, years of experience, and modern day technology. Laser Video’s services include sound design and ATSC A/85 broadcast compliant mixes. Laser Video conforms to FCC regulations and the new LKFS standard of -24dB +/- 2dB can be done in house by professionals allowing your product to pass all QC standards for every media platform.

Direct Response Versioning with Custom Phone numbers and URLs

An effective marketing research strategy has been the utilization of custom phone numbers and URL’s for DRTV campaigns. Getting the necessary feedback and reaching a certain target audience can all be tracked by creating a custom commercial. That certain demographic that you are trying to bring your product to can easily be ascertained when airing a phone number or URL at a specific time or area, or on a specific platform. The marketing data gathered can be worth its weight in gold by compiling the DRTV information.

Drone Shooting & Editing

The use for high quality drone footage shot by an FAA certified pilot is endless. Whether you are a realtor filming your listing or filming a corporate event, if you’d like a nice professionally done video put together, Laser Video has the capabilities to give you an amazing product assembled from your stunning pictures and high definition videos. Your video will help your product stand out from the rest or be able to give you a timeless keepsake.

WorldWide Spot and Program Distribution

Just like the days of delivering tape, we work with local, national, and international couriers of your choosing. With changing technology, our electronic delivery partners allow us to use multiple assets to deliver your spots and programs to their destinations in hours, not days, at a fraction of the cost. Delivering hundreds of commercials per week, we are able to have much lower rates that allow us to pass the savings onto our customers.

Multiple Platform Delivery: TV, Internet, Phones, Tablets, Movie Theatres (DCP), Digital Billboards

With ever-changing technology, programming and advertising are reaching audience members across a multitude of platforms. Laser Video has the ability to conform to all specifications required for Movie Theaters (DCP), Digital Billboards (Times Square), conventional TV and Internet, and the ever-popular Phones and Tablets. Let your content be accessible on a wide array of options to bring your product to your target audience.

FTP Hosting

By utilizing our secure servers, you and your customers can access designated materials 24/7 from anywhere in the world. If you’d like a spot to be accessed from your website, we can provide a direct download link to embed into your page to access your digital files. Also, with an array of customizable access options, you will be able to control who can view, download, and upload to your protected folder.

Digital Archiving - Convert your aging tape and film library to the digital format of your choice

Since starting this business in 1985, technology has changed dramatically with Laser Video constantly evolving along the way. However, our customers have done projects and kept masters on media that is no longer supported. Since we maintain and service our own equipment, you can supply us with your content, and get it digitized in your preferred format and keep it forever. Our system is designed to quickly and easily ingest, digitize, and conform to a digital format best suited to your needs. The formats below are already integrated into our system. If you don’t see the media format that your content is on, please don’t hesitate to contact us today as we most likely have it just not integrated in our work flow yet. Our equipment list is constantly being updated due to our growing customer needs.

Popular Formats Supported
TAPE LIST – HDCam, BetaSP, BetaSP-PAL, BetaSX, Digital BetaCam, DVCPro, 8mm family, ¾” U-Matic, Type C 1” Reel, DVCam, MiniDV, D2, D3, D5, D9, Digital-S, SVHS, VHS, VHS-C, LTO-6, LTO-5, LTO-4

FILM LIST — 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm

Custom Mastering, Duplication, and Distribution of USB Flash Drives, CD's, DVD's & Blu-RaY

Utilizing a video that that was created by you or Laser Video, it now has to reach your customers in physical form to coincide with your marketing materials. With an endless amount of combinations and packaging options, rest assured we can create a custom experience for your training, commercial, or sales video. Having that unique experience to reach your target audience will help your product stand apart from the competition. With the simplest package to save on cost all the way to the most complex product, Laser Video will help you stay under budget and on time, every time.

Complete Bulk Mailing and Fulfillment

Taking advantage of every shipping method available, our network of suppliers has been with us for years. This allows Laser Video to offer great shipping rates, low-cost high-quality packaging, and most importantly reliable and trackable services all across the world. Whether we’re sending bulk to one location or individually to every one of your customers, we have the ability to hold until needed and ship as ordered. This drastically reduces the cost to produce your product in small quantities as our storage facility allows you to produce in bulk and ship when your customers have an order.